Nicoline Inspects CB3000 Day 7

My slave really hates his chastity tube.  His little cock all locked up tight while I fuck my boyfriend all I want.  I am so unfair!  LOL!  But it makes him so much easier to control!  In this clip he is whining about being in for a week with out release.  At first I was going to ignore him and just get a good shoe cleaning but I figured I would make it a training session.  I let him out and got him really hard teasing him and taunting him.  His small cock gets so hard. Bless his little heart!  So now I have to make a boner go away.  Not the way my boy friend’s boner goes away with a very satisfying orgasm as he fills me up with his cum,  No sadly my loser gets his balls spanked and then stuffed into the tube and locked up again.  He gave it a good try though I really had to mash it in good to get it to go away.  I told him his balls were not heavy enough.  As I am writing this now his balls are even bigger!  In this clip he kept dripping all the time.  So gross.  He will be starting his cock sucking training any day now.  He says he won’t but he will.   So in this clip you see some shoe cleaning, teasing and denial, and seeing his cock shoved back in the tube,  Total clip is 17:15 long.  By the way ladies if you ever had your ass licked by a guy in chastity you are really missing out.  His tongue has grown an inch since being locked up.  He just wants to please me so much. 

Nicolene Inspects CB3000 Day 4

Nicolene inspects the chastity tube that she locked on the cucks small penis 4 days prior.  She notices he is trying to get a boner.  “Go away boner!”, as she slaps, squeezes, and flicks his nuts over and over. “Go away”.  She sits on his face causing further agony for her loser who can’t even enjoy a simple erection as the Brat mocks his predicament.  FACE SITTING, CB 3000 PLAY, TEASING, VERBAL ABUSE. (8:43 long)

Brandi and Kelli get ready to go out – Complete

Princess Kelli and Brandi are going out today and they have some freshening up to do!  Hair brushing, shoe cleaning, arm pit licking, and face slapping.  Each Princess gets her arm pits worshipped and cleaned, with Brandi just coming from Cheerleading practice!  The slave’s wallet is r*aped but he only has a one dollar.  Now they are pissed. This video has heavy arm pit licking!  Brandi comes in about half way wanting her pits cleaned also! 

BP - Angry Princesses Kick an empty wallet slave's testicles

Princess Nicolene is so angry.  When you take a Princess shopping for some heavy wallet r*a*ping, you better make sure they are ready for some heavy charges.  Nothing gets a Princess more angry and frustrated then when her wallet runs out on her when she knows there are things she still wants at the next store!  This wallet slave gets his nuts kicked in hard in this ball busting video.  Nicolene really enjoys her self in this one.  She taunts him “does your pussy hurt?”  She laughs and uses her personal loser locked in his CB 3000 to steady her as she kicks the wallets ball bag.  About half way through, Princess Nykki comes in.  Nicolene is such a good friend she offers up her wallets nuts for her to take her aggressions out.  The two girls have so much fun! He gets full force kicks again and again.  “I love the sound a good kick makes when you really get him good!”, squeals Nykki.  Then Nicolene then inspects his large black and blue nuts and mocks him how he can’t get hard any more.  At the end of this video her personal loser is put on his back and Nicolene places a funnel in his mouth.  The girls then go shopping and plan to use it when they get back.  Coming soon!  Total bratty Princess behavior in this ball busting humiliation video.  This video 20:13 long.

Nicolene Straps a CB3000 on her Cuck

Tap Tap Tap!  Princess Nicolene taps her perfectly manicured fingernails on the tube of her locked up loser.  In previous videos the Princess asked him to do something while her boyfriend fucked her.  He did not do the best job in the world, so now Princess bought him something with his credit card which will make him more compliant.  A CB 3000!  She straps it on and tries it out with some ass licking.  The tube holds his erection down easily.  This video has small penis humiliation, face slapping and a bratty scolding of her loser.  (13.29 long)

Nicolene Pays Her bills While Having Her Ass Licked

Nicolene comes back from a long day at the mall shopping.  She first has the loser clean the bottom of her shoes and then uses his check book to pay her bills!  Even her boyfriend gets a little something.  She really drains his wallet hard in this video!  He licks her ass through out stopping just long enough to lick the envelopes for her.  He signs the checks and she stuffs the bills in her purse.  So greedy, so mean, and such a brat! (14:10 Long)

Nykki Step Aerobics

Princess Nykki shows how she has her slave help her stay in shape!  Princess Nicoline has put this slave in chastity (video to be released soon!), which makes it very easy for the Nykki to tie a thera-band to its ball sac.  The thera-band stretches the testicles of her step away from its body so the Princess can get an upper body work out and look toned for her boyfriend.  The Princess hates when the step complains and slaps and spits through out to further train it to be quiet when in use.  She alternates between aerobic step exercises and strength training using his nuts as resistance.  For several minutes she marches in place on its chest while using the band to balance her.  The trampling is torture to the step as he looks up and sees a cute 18 year old smiling and mocking him while she marches on his chest.  Even when she does this she uses the bands to do arm curls causing agony to his locked genitals. 

The Princess is wearing a sexy pink thong unitard with shiny white stocking underneath.  The Princess sits full weight on the loser while stretching and working her arms.  At the end of the work out the loser has to smell her sweaty stockings and sucks on her toes.  Watch as she fucks his mouth with her sweaty stocking foot and she then shoves her unitard crotch I his mouth and leaves him until the next time!  This amazing 33 minute full workout really shows how a brat Princess can use a loser even when at the gym. Amazing smothering, trampling, cbt, and smelly stocking worship.  (33:00)

Nicoline Gets her Ass Licked While Getting Ready

Princess Nicolene has her boyfriend coming over to fuck her. Princess wants to be perfectly clean for the real man to fuck her so the cuck must lick her ass clean. The cuck is instructed to lick her ass, brush her hair and get her ready for her date. He has chores to do during her date and after he leaves. Great domestic femdom! (4:24 long)

Princess Brandi gets her sneakers cleaned and face sits in jeans

The beautiful Princess Brandi (19 years old) brings a loser her oldest and dirtiest filthiest sneakers to clean to with its tongue. These sneakers are over 4 years old and she wore them during high school (3 years of cheerleading) and then when she worked at a supermarket for 2 years after school! Her outfit looks great with sneakers but she wants them clean! The soles are absolutely filthy and she looks with amusement as he licks them clean. She is very concerned with the edges of the shoes and wants them cleaned very carefully. She has a special way of pleading and using her bratty-ness to get the losers tongue exactly where she wants it. The sneakers come off and then she has the loser smell her extreme stinky socks. She knows this is his weakness and will use this r*ape his wallet later! She is so mean she even shoves her pretty socks in his mouth and places her stinky toes over his nose! He can only breathe through his nose now and every inhale he has no choice but to smell her pretty toes! Then she is bored and wants to put on some lip gloss and she uses his face as a chair. The Princess then sits full weight on the losers face. The loser is flattened as the Princess sits without care on his face full weight with legs out stretched. Part 1 ends with bare feet and shoving socks in mouth.

Brandi and Kelli Abuse a Loser

Princess Brandi (19) and Princess Kelli (20) know how to use losers.  They love real men with real cocks, but losers have advantages also.  In this scene, watch as Princess Kelli nearly slaps his face off with one of the hardest back hands ever thrown!  He deserved it.  The ATM cards he is supposed to be getting the girls won’t be done in time.  Kelli spits on the soles of Brandi’s shoe and the loser licks it up!  There is spitting throughout the clip with some unbelievable high heel trampling as well.  This is one of the best selling Brat Princess clips of all time. Clip contains:  Heel licking, trampling in heels, spitting, vicious face slapping and financial domination

Princess Nicoline Trains Her Slave

Princess Nicolene is a total brat!  She was suppose to go shopping but instead has came back to train her loser to be her slave.  The brat is jealous of her girl friends that have losers that swallow but hers doesn't.  She whines and gets her way as a brat Princess always does.  First she warms him up with some spitting and practicing swallowing with mouth open on its back.  Then the Princess relaxes on his chest reading a magazine waiting.  Princess then instructs him to open his mouth.

Nicolene Paints her Nails

The beautiful blonde Princess Nicolene spends a lazy afternoon getting her shoes cleaned by her loser while she paints her nails.  The Princess makes him lick the bottom of her shoes and even cleans the insides with his tongue!  She uses his face like a foot stool as she paints her fingernails; all the while the loser inhales the aroma of her well worn white stockings.  The Princess removes her stockings and shoves them in his mouth.  Later the loser then cleans her toes with his mouth and prepares them for the polish.  The loser then suffers the humiliation of being a stool for her to brace her foot.  Fetishes:  Objectification, dirty shoe worship, foot worship, stocking worship