Frequently Asked Questions

Joining, Billing & Cancelling

For swift and easy cancellation process, please chose a link below, depending on your Access Management Provider:

  • CCBill Customers click here and follow the simple instructions.

Check you have filled out your details correctly or try using a different card if possible. We are not involved with any aspect of the credit card transaction process, therefore you will need to contact our online designated E-ticket Supplier and Access Management Provider CCBill.

If none of these options resolve your query please contact our Technical Support team.

Technical Help

Why does my film appear jerky? When you click on a movie it starts to download to your computer. It will begin to play before the whole file has downloaded but may appear jerky during this buffering process. Once the complete file is downloaded (after the movie has played through once) you can click ‘play’ again and it should play perfectly. I fast forwarded/rewound my film and now the picture is stuck?

This is a problem with certain older versions of Windows Media Player. It is usually resolved by clicking on the movie screen, as this seems to 'unfreeze' the picture. We recommend you upgrade to the latest version.

All our movies are encoded as both MP4 and WMVs (Windows Media Video). For the WMVs you need a media player that supports this format. On PCs, we recommend Windows Media Player, which is generally complimentary with the Windows operating system. Make sure you have the latest version installed, which can be downloaded for free here.

If you are viewing the site from a Mac, we recommend the Flip4Mac WMV plugin for Quicktime, which is available freely here.