Simp Boy Tribute and Foot Training (Part 2 of 2)

Boy hands over tribute and is instructed to take off my stockings. I’d been wearing them all day long and I thought it’d be funny to watch boy obey my every command as his keyholder. I taunt and laugh at how pathetic he is, especially since his cock is locked in chastity. I let boy kiss my feet for my amusement, teasing that my feet were his FIRST KISS EVER!!! A poor virgin boy who has only ever kissed the feet of a hot bratty girl, what a SIMP! LOL. As I sit and count boy’s weekly tribute to me, I go over some simple positions for him to memorize…..”VULNERABLE!” boy learns quickly to spread his legs and keep his hands locked behind his back. I continue to count my tribute as boy licks the sweat off my feet (AKA his new girlfriends LOL). He’s NEVER had a girlfriend before, so I think the thought of being in a relationship with my feet excites him. I examine him chastity from time to time to make sure its secure and uncomfortable for him. Boy has no idea what he’s getting himself into as I casually mention the possibility of FINALLY letting him out of chastity…. For a PRICE, that is. I make sure the possibility of release is JUST outta boy’s reach….. how frustrating for him HAHAHAH!


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