Platinum POV - Giantess Platinum Eats a Tiny Pet 360 Video (Vore)

You are hiding from giantess Platinum, but she finds you. You live as Platinum’s tiny pet and she terrifies you. Her feet are huge and could easily squash you. She is always stuffing you into her panties and bra. It’s very humiliating. Platinum torments you by hovering her enormous foot above your tiny body. You both know that she could end you. She plays with putting you inside her mouth. If you keep being naughty and running form her, she will squash or eat you. Platinum torments you with these threats. She becomes more and more upset that you are so ungrateful and ill-behaved as her pet. She does decide that you will be eaten. The giantess opens wide, and you are swallowed by the darkness. (7:03 long)


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