Nika - Scissors and Facesits a Little Guy Until Nighty Night

Nika Venom has Fluffy trapped between her powerful thighs in a tight scissorhold. She gets the little guy in leg lock after leg lock. Fluffy turns red and gasps for air. Nika is having fun. She loves watching the beta suffer. A girl can overpower a beta with just her legs! Nika makes her beta visualize eating her Alpha’s cum while she has him trapped in a tight hold. After doing the visualization, Nika makes the beta say, ‘Nighty Night.” She puts him out and then slaps him until he is awake again. While only partially conscious, Nika starts riding the beta’s face. She controls his breathing with her ass. She loves the control! Nika watches her beta’s chastity bounce while she rides his face. Making Fluffy miserable is a lot of fun for pretty girls. Nika makes the beta go under again. “Nighty Night, beta!” (16:43 long)



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