Nika - Foot Worshipping Beta Boy Learns his Role as Beta

Nika sits on top of fluffy with her feet in his mouth. She asks him if he likes her outfit. OF COURSE, HE DOES! Hes beta. He likes anything related to a girl. Nikas toes are so cute. She got them blue and sparkly. She tells him that alpha is coming over soon and that beta needs to go clean or be in a cage. He needs longer cage time. Nika tells him that her and her boyfriend are gonna fuck good tonight. After sex your supposed to pee so you don’t get an infection. She tells fluffy he can be her toilet! He doesn’t want her to get sick. So, he agrees it’s the only way to make sure her body is cleansed after the sex. She just feels like he isn’t doing enough in her life. She is his keyholder, which means by law she gets to do what she wants with him. It is in his best interest to make her as happy as possible.

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