Nika and Sadie - Nikas Beta Gets Two Ruins from Sadie at the Edging Salon (1080 HD)

1080 HD Nika brings her beta to the edging salon. He’s been behaving lately so he’s going to be allowed a release from chastity for a ruined orgasm. Instead of just dropping him off with Sadie, the edging salon teaser, Nika has decided to observe and learn some of Sadie’s edging technique. Sadie starts by sitting on the beta’s face while he’s still in chastity to make his erection worse. Then the girls unlock the chastity. He’s so hard right out of chastity! Nika strokes the beta while Sadie talks dirty to him to keep him hard and get him right to the edge. Teasing men comes naturally to pretty girls! Males are so easy. Sadie thinks that Nika’s beta might actually be great for training all the girls at the Edging salon. After his ruins they will keep him in bondage and let some of the new girls try out their handjob skills. Nika takes off her shorts and teases her beta with her ass. She sits on his face while Sadie strokes. Sadie demonstrates some edging techniques for Nika to observe and try out. Sadie ruins Nika’s beta while Nika watches and laughs. It was so fun the first time that the girls decide to ruin him again. They milk out a second ruined orgasm. So fun to ruin him over and over! (20:52 long)


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