Natalya - Scissor and Smother slave for the Whole Sorority

Natalya has a scissor slave that she is training for use by the whole sorority! The slave is locked in chastity and such a pushover. He would let the hot girls do just about anything to him. Natalya smothers the slave in her ass. He squirms because he cannot breathe but Natalya just yells at him. He has to do everything she says! Natalya squeezes the slave’s neck with her strong thighs. She rides his face while he struggles for air. When he finally catches a breath, she hand-smothers him. Hot girls can literally do whatever they want to weird old guys. Natalya decides to smother him until he’s out. The old loser goes along with the girl’s wishes, until it gets to be too much, and he tries to buck her off. Natalya calls this game the rodeo. She forcefully covers his airways with her ass while he tries to buck her off like a wild bronco. Natalya knows that she can break this roughstock and make him the perfect docile mount for the rest of the girls. (11:25 long)



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