Natalya and Nika – Extreme Bullying with their Little Puppy Mutt Shoe Slave

He looks so adorable and so cute after Natalya and Nika put their slaves face in the leather puppy mask. Its his calling. Being a puppy for two beautiful hot girls that would never ever fuck him. He lives for this. To be a good boy for his masters. He takes their heels off and does his little puppy tricks. He is a happy puppy. He shows them how happy he is by panting and begging. He knows he must spin faster and faster and do tricks to entertain these hot girls. He is being taught how to fetch. Fetch for their heels and lick their beautiful feet. If he were a real dog he would be treated better. But he is an ugly slave loser who deserves to get his nose shoved into it spit and dirty smelly feet.  Puppies love their owners no matter what. That’s what a loyal mutt does. And this mutt is very loyal for them.


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