Mia - Lick My Very Dirty Sneakers and Feet

Mia’s white sneakers are filthy. She wants her slave boy to lick them clean for her. Mia is disgusted by the depravity of the slave. He actually enjoys licking the dirt from her shoes. How pathetic! Mia spits in the slave’s dirty face a few times. She makes him smell the insides of her shoes. After the slave has proven its devotion with the dirty sneakers Mia allows it to Worship her perfect, sweaty, feet. The slave is incredibly lucky to be able to lick Mia’s beautiful feet. What an honor. Mia spits in the slave’s face a few more times and tells it to get in-between all her toes. The slave is very pathetic and stupid. Mia kicks him in the face. She gets more aggressive with telling the slave to suck and lick her soles. Mia tells the slave to go clean her whole shoe closet with its mouth and then organize them. If it gets thirsty in the process it is to call for Mia and beg her to spit in its mouth. (12:23 long)


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