Mariah – Bratty Sorority Girl Dominates a Beta Simp with Feet

Mariah is in college. She always walks into her morning class and her coffee is always sitting there waiting for her. All the nerds in college bow to her. They know that she is a Princess and should always be treated like one. Having her coffee waiting will help her have a better day. She doesn’t even need to do her homework because she can just find a simp to do it for her if she doesn’t feel like it.  But today this dumb ass boy got her coffee order wrong ! How dare he not listen to her order. It is so important that he gets everything just right. The right amount of pumps and the correct flavors! He had one job and he failed. So, Mariah lets him know his wrong doings. He is a better listener when her foot is in his mouth. It’s a little punishment for being so stupid. Sucking each and every toe. Licking them clean. After all, she had a long hard day at college and didn’t even have coffee! Next time he messes up he will have to stay in the basement and be on toilet duty in the morning for all the girls.


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