Macy - Teases Milking Bench Male for Hours

Macy has male, Andy, strapped to the bench at the Edging Salon. Today she is going to give him a brain rinse. Macy starts the automated program then walks away while Andy’s mind is wiped clean. Andy is in a state of terror. He always knew that women hated him, but he never imagined that they could be so cruel. A few hours later Macy returns. Andy is a now a blank slate. He cannot speak. Macy begins the Findomme protocol. After this program runs Andy will feel a tremendous compulsion to spend all of his money on women. Macy lets Andy look at her body while he absorbs his new life’s purpose. Macy is a teaser and her job at the Edging Salon is to tease males with her body while they are reprogrammed. Macy seems like a dream come true, but a stay at the edging salon is more like a nightmare. Andy starts to complain, and Macy hits him with a manual shock as punishment. Macy decides that even though all of Andy’s orgasms are denied that she is entitled to have one with his face. Macy rides Andy’s face and moans. Macy makes Andy affirm that he loves being shocked. Andy lies to keep Macy calm and tells her that he loves being shocked. Macy gets mad anyway. It is impossible to keep her happy forever. It is inevitable that at one point or another poor helpless Andy will incur her wrath. After getting angry Macy is calm again. She lets Andy get close to her boobs. Andy does not know what to expect from his teaser. She is an emotional roller coaster. Macy leaves Andy to go change her outfit. Andy has no choice but to keep edging. (15:29 long)


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