Macy - Milking Bench Male Cries for Help

The male on the milking bench cries out for help. Macy comes in and smothers the male’s face in her ass. No one can hear his cries for help but her and the other teasers! There is no escape! Macy rides the males face while the machine continues to edge him. The male begs Macy to free him. He cannot take any more edging. Macy just laughs and continues to tease him with her body. The male reaches yet another edge. Macy fiddles with the controls of the machine. She decides to give the male a prostate shock. If she rides his face at the same time, she can feel the current in her clit! Macy enjoys pleasuring herself with the male’s face. She climaxes while the male edges. Macy liked the first orgasm so much that she decides to enjoy another. She shocks the male again to maximize her pleasure. Macy could spend her entire shift enjoying orgasm after orgasm on the male’s face while he is denied over and over. Macy is this male’s favorite teaser. She always gets him very excited which makes him a very productive workhorse. The male also knows that if he doesn’t remain productive, he will just be locked in chastity and sent back to his cage. Macy is as pretty as she is cruel. Sometimes she shocks the male just for sport because she is in a position of power. The male really can’t fight back in any way against his female captor. Macy decides to end her shift with one final orgasm for her and one final big shock to the male’s testicles and prostate. Macy warns the male to never cry out for help again. There is no one there to help him and there never will be. Macy coos in his ear while the male reaches his last edge of the shift. Macy decides to double his shift. She starts another round of twenty edges, but first another shock to keep him alert. After the strong wakeup jolt, his second shift will start. (16:27 long)


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