Macy - Inspects Dannis Chastity Device

Macy has convinced poor Danni that he is her boyfriend. Danni thinks that they are dating, but it is all just a mean joke. Macy pretends to be attracted to him just to humiliate him. Macy convinces Danni to strip out of his clothes for her. She has convinced Danni that being locked into a chastity device for her is just kinky fun. Macy makes Danni show her the chastity. Macy thinks it’s very funny, but Danni is humiliated that his girlfriend has done this to him. He does not like chastity, and he wants out. Macy is thrilled that her boyfriend has agreed to be locked for her. She gets so excited that she can’t help but tease his chastity. While teasing him Macy asks for more money. Danni guesses that he’s ok with giving his girlfriend money. Whatever makes her happy. Danni is a little confused that Macy is his girlfriend and they have still never kissed or anything. All Macy seems to want is money. Macy tells her boyfriend that chastity is much more interesting than kissing. Her sexuality is more evolved. Macy caresses Danni’s balls and strokes his cage. She places the cock cage between her breasts and gazes into Danni’s eyes. Macy know that she can get him to do anything for her. With all this power, why would she ever unlock him?! Macy tells her boyfriend to worship her feet the way she likes it. Danni has been trained to please his girlfriend by worshiping her soles. Soon he will grow accustomed to his life in chastity and stop questioning that as well. (12:23 long)


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