Macy and Raquel - Fluffy gets Ass Fucked

Raquel tells Fluffy to get in the pegging position. Fluffy knows what that means. It is time for him to get his ass fucked. Fluffy does not want to be pegged today. He hates it so much. The Dominant girls overpower him. He will take their big dicks in his tight asshole, like it or not. The girls have their way with Fluffy in every sex position. Fluffy fusses and complains but he has no choice but to let the girls fuck him. Raquel even makes Fluffy do as to mouth and clean the dildo that was just in his asshole. Raquel spits all over Fluffy’s face and shoves her huge dildo deep into his throat. Macy pounds Fluffy from behind and makes his chastity device bounce with each thrust. Raquel slaps Fluffy’s balls before positioning him in pile driver. A good ass-fucking is what all beta’s deserve! (18:10 long)


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