Macy and Raquel - Entertain themselves by Humiliating beta while Boyfriends watch Sports

Macy and Raquel are bored because their boyfriends are busy watching sports and not paying any attention to them. They half-heartedly train their chastity beta to suck a dildo for at least some entertainment. The girls girl-talk while directing the beta to suck the cock. Occasionally they glance over and correct the beta’s form. His humiliation is at least good for a laugh or two. Macy brings up a study she read that found that Alpha cum can help a beta’s penis grow. She whispers it to Raquel to peak the beta’s attention. The girls decide that they want to test the findings of the study for themselves. What beta wouldn’t want a bigger penis? The beta protests. He does not think the study is real and does not want to have to eat cum. The girls insist that his little penis might grow if he just eats the Alpha cum. The beta knows that this is all probably just a sick joke on him, but what can he do? Besides, if the study is real, then maybe he can grow his penis big enough to be considered Alpha. Without much regard for the beta’s wishes, the girls start dumping the contents of their boyfriends’ condoms down his throat. All together there are like five condoms that the girls have collected from recent fucks. The girls are finally, briefly, not bored. They make the beta go back to sucking the dildo and giggle at their cleverness. (17:40 long)


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