Macy and Kat - Teased by machine for Hours and Hours Part 5

1080 HD The cow is very tired. He has been on the milking bench for hours and hours. He doesn’t think he can take anymore. The girls encourage him to keep going by shocking him with electricity. Kat enjoys riding the cow’s face. She reaches her climax while the cow remains on edge. The cow again begs the teasers to stop. They draw him back in with their wiles and encourage him to do more. The girls begin the end of shift protocols. The cow begs to be allowed to have an orgasm before being locked back into chastity. The girls do not allow him an orgasm. They make him edge one more time. Then, they run the erection removal protocol. The teasers wait with the chastity ready for the cow’s erection to be removed. The electric shocks become increasingly stronger as the erection dwindles. Once the erection is negligible the cow is locked into chastity and sent into the holding area. (11:55 long)


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