Lola POV - How do I Train My Slave to Become My Full Human Toilet

A lot of Dommes ask Madam Director Lola, “How do I get My slave started with full toilet training?” Madam Director has turned a lot of males into human toilets and in this clip, she shares some of her thoughts. She describes her gradual approach, which begins with chastity and ends with full consumption. Madam discusses finding the right size chastity for your slave to begin the process of its transition. She then discusses the introduction of liquids, and later on solids. She emphasizes how integral chastity training really is for toilet transitioning. For example, the first time he serves as your toilet the optimal way to situate it, according to Madam’s opinion, is to keep him initially locked for a very long time. When you finally allow him some time out of chastity it will only be for the duration in which he is serving you in the bathroom. You should begin toilet training by having him serve as toilet paper and lick you clean after going to pee. Your slave will be very eager to lick you since he is now finally out of chastity for the first time in months. After he has gotten used to being used as toilet paper, then you can start pissing directly into his mouth. Madam Director advises getting something like a funnel to avoid spilling even a single drop of the precious liquid.  After he can successfully swallow liquids, he is what Lola considers a level one toilet.

To progress his training to level two you repeat the same process as level one, but this time with solids. It’s important at this phase of the training that you have him masturbate in the bathroom while he observes you having your movement. This will be the only time and place he is allowed to masturbate. Then, when you have finished with your movement, have him lick your asshole. Madam Director explains how toilet training is really training your slave to eliminate having an opinion. To be truly useful, a slave must be highly accommodating. The elimination of opinion makes your slave more accommodating to your needs. Lola explains the process of getting him to accept your waste into his mouth for the first time. It is a very methodical process, as she explains it. The slave is only allowed an orgasm when it finally accomplishes swallowing solids. This is a process that can take many months, possibly years, and so the slave may have been in denial and chastity for a long time before it finally accepts this.

Madam Director emphasizes that toilet training is not about training a slave to love filth. It’s really about training a slave to live selflessly. Once a slave is doing things for you selflessly, then it is truly your object for your use. This is done by gradually taking away opinions and preferences. Madam explains that once you have a slave completing abject tasks for you selflessly, then you can eliminate the need for orgasm entirely. Withholding is the way to train your slave to do as you want without ever expecting anything from you in return. Utilize the orgasm to train the slave to complete the task you want it to, and then eliminate the orgasm. This is when you can return the slave to full-time chastity once more.

Once you have a fully trained human toilet you can solder its chastity shut. Toilet slaves, once fully trained, require very little attention. Some human toilet slaves are so desirable they can be sold on the dark web. Lola has sold a few and she has no idea what happens to them after she collects her money. One thing that always strikes Lola is how after the training just how easily it goes down. If you are thinking toilet slavery is right for you, it probably is. (18:10 long)

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