Lexi - Outfit Tester Makes a Mess and is Made to Clean it Up

Lexi is going on vacay with her boyfriend Matthew.  She wants to look perfect so it’s a good idea to test out her new outfits. She has her beta on his knees. When he sees her he can’t resist but to get hard and wallow in his self- pity of his loser life. Like he bought all these outfits . And they are ALL FOR MATTHEW! Lexi tries on all of her stuff. With each outfit he becomes more turned on. Lexi slaps his face and threatens to spit in his face if he lies. She makes him start jerking to her. She spins around so he can worship her ass. She shoves her feet in his face. He is jerking off and wants to cum so bad!!!! He needs to bark like the stupid mutt he is. He can’t hold back cumming. He cums all over the floor. EW. Since he is a mutt he must lick the floor clean. He slurps up his cum. That’s what he has to do if he cums. Loser.


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