Lexi – Dirty or Clean Panties Fetch Game

Its laundry day for Lexi. Which means Fluffy gets to fetch! She would never actually do her own laundry. So its time to grab the ball shocker and make dumb slave Fluffy play a little fun game. Maybe if he would have cleaned before she got home then he wouldn’t have to go through Lexis dominate ways. Fluffy crawls back n forth on his hands and knees bringing the laundry to Lexi. He must smell each and every thong and see if its dirty or clean. He also gets to smell her hot boyfriends boxers! Obviously, most of them are dirty. He smells the pussy and ass parts. He probably loves the smell because he is a fucking freak. LOL. Shock after shock, his moans get louder. That’s what he gets.

  • Princess Crystal


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