Lana Luxor - Trained with Facesitting to Serve as Throne in Womanda

Lana is taking her slave to Womanda. In Womanda all the women are very big with huge asses. Lana’s slave will have to learn how to serve as a throne beneath women with huge asses. Lana sits on the slave’s face and forms a tight seal. He is not allowed to breathe. This is part of his training so that when it is shipped off to serve in Womanda it is ready. Lana herself is a small Womandan. She is selling the slave to a woman twice her size! Lana takes the slave for a test bounce. She smashes her ass down on its face over and over. She grabs the slaves head and forces him deep into her crack. Throne slaves must learn to be very still and very obedient. The slave is kept in chastity as part of this obedience training. (8:18 long)


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