Ivory and Kat - Sit on a Chastity Slave Together and Make Out

Ivory and Kat Soles have such incredible bodies. They model and show them off for you. Then, they head into the bedroom to sit on their slave’s face. The girls love teasing beta males with their perfect asses. They take turns bouncing and grinding on his face. The girls love watching each other ride. Hot girls love other hot girls. The admire each other’s asses. The girls get so turned on looking at each other, they start to kiss. Ivory and Kat make out while Ivory rides the locked loser’s face to orgasm. Then, it’s Kat’s turn. The girls continue to make out until Kat has her orgasm. The chastity slave is very jealous. Both girls got to have an orgasm, but he does not get to have one. Life is very unfair. (13:42 long)


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