Ivory and Kat - Best Friends Foot Worship Game (1080 HD)

1080 HD Ivory wants to teach Kat a new game. It’s a game she used to play with one of her other best friends. Ivory tells her that she will teach her, but that she has to keep the game a secret. Kat agrees to play. This is how to play the game: whatever Ivory does to Kat’s feet Kat has to do to Ivory’s. Ivory starts stroking and rubbing Kat’s feet and Kat does the same to Ivory’s. Then, Ivory starts kissing Kat’s toes. Ivory reminds Kat that the game needs to be kept a secret. The grownups would get upset if they knew what they were doing together in Ivory’s bedroom. After Kat promises that she will keep everything a secret Ivory starts licking Kat’s toes. Kat follows along and licks Ivory’s. The girls love playing their game and they both start to moan with pleasure. “I can’t tell what I like more, licking yours or having you lick mine.” Says Ivory. Kat giggles. She is having fun, too. The girls roll around on the bed worshipping each other’s feet until they hear a knock at the door. The girls quickly sit up and pretend like they were not doing what they just were. (11:28 long)


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