Isabella Nice - Stepbrother Licks her Clean after a Trip to the Gym

Izzy is just getting back from the gym. She is all sweaty but has no time to shower before brunch. She calls her stepbrother into the room. Izzy makes her stepbrother lick her sweaty ass. Then, he has to smell her workout shoes. After smelling her sweaty shoes Izzy makes her stepbrother smell her feet. Izzy’s stepbrother worships her feet. She wants all of her toes clean and the soles, too. Izzy inspects her stepbrother’s chastity device. He will stay locked for his stepsister for as long as she wants. After teasing her virgin stepbrother Izzy sends him to the closet, but not before she removes the credit cards from his wallet. Guess who’s paying for the girls’ brunch? (9:59 long)



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