BP – Desperate Beta Chastity Blow Out

  • Real cum in chastity
  • Hands free orgasm
  • Sweaty sock and feet worship
  • Small penis humiliation
  • Chastity tease

A real man would be stroked by hot girls. But this isn’t a real man. The girls have this beta in the smallest chastity cage ever. They have a special dildo that they can screw onto it. Its so fun like playing  pretend! He can picture himself having a big dick when he really doesn’t. He basically has a clit!!! The girls stroke the dildo that’s attached to his cage and taunt him. He wants to get hard so bad, but he can’t!!! He wishes he was that size. Bet he’d be hard if he wasn’t in the cage! The only way to please a girl is if he was that size. Keep dreamin, shrimp dick. The girls put their smelly socks and feet in his face. There is such a power in feet. This is a dream to a small dick beta like him. After humiliating his penis size and turning him on with the scent of their sweat they get ontop and flatten his chastity even more!! Having their perfect ass bounce across his little cage really gets him going. The girls laugh even more. They think it’s funny. They want him to cum in the most embarrassing anti alpha way. Locked away with no pussy, stinky feet and socks in the face and them laughing at the pathetic bozo he will always be.


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