Ava - You are a Good Boy Making Your Sends

You've been a good boy this week. You made me so happy giving me my full allowance. I'm such a greedy brat and you love it. You know i'm a princess and shouldn't lift a finger to earn money. I love shopping and being spoiled which is why you're my devoted pay pet. Accept your beta status. I want to put my allowance towards my savings and convince you to send me more money so I can go shopping. I don’t want to spend my savings on a new pair of red bottom heels and a new purse. Just make me an authorized user on your credit card. Wouldn't it be so hot to be at work and you get a notification on your phone showing I'm out getting a pedicure on your dime or getting brunch and you're paying for mine and my friends brunch and mimosas? Hahah... Good boys get to stroke. Good boys that send and make me happy. I let you out of chastity to finally stroke and goon. It feels so good you're not even bothered Im taking all your money. You enjoy it so much you start stroking and sending. Now I have you a complete simp, stroking and sending tips. Stroke and send! That's right good boy!! Keep being a good boy and make me happy. Is it my perfect ass that makes you so weak? Or my bouncing titties? Maybe its my convincing and bratty demands... I will decide where you get to cum. ONLY if you continue being a good boy and sending throughout gooning. Keep listening to me and follow my demands. If you follow through and make me happy you'll get to cum where I tell you to... I tease you about how my boyfriends a real man and he gets to fuck my pussy and cum inside me. It would be so funny if you licked my boyfriends cum right out.

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