Ava Bikini Brat has Beta Boy Rub Baby Oil on Big Bubble Butt


Dani is in the other room doing dishes, but Ava NEEDS him to come rub oil on her right now so that she can go to the beach. He asks if he can come with her. What the fuck kind of question is that?! LOL Why would a hot girl dare to be caught in public with a puny little loser like him?! So, Dani asks another dumb question. He asks if he can be let out of chastity while she is away because he is getting really sore. Dani rubs oil all over her while he sits in pain with a throbbing dick. He knows he is going to miss her so much when she is gone. He just wants to be let out so bad. But its not up to him. Ava makes sure she teases him before leaving. LOL Pure agony. Now time for Dani to go to work. BYE LOSER!

After you watch Ava taunt Dani with her ass, its YOUR TURN! Get brain cleaned by Ava’s radiant body. STROKE IT. YOU KNOW HOW BAD YOU WANT TO STROKE. DO IT. Just listen to Ava and watch her body. You are obsessed now. !

  • Princess Crystal


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