Ava and Kat - Beta Bikini Chastity Slave Serve Mean Brats

It's a really hot day and me and Kat are laying out in the sun getting a tan. While our bikini slaves are locked up in chastity we make them oil up our entire bodies. When they finish oiling up our bodies we then make them give us each a foot massage with the oil as well as other small tasks. We don’t want to lift a finger the entire time we are tanning, as princesses never should have to!! We can be pretty bratty and yell at them from time to time when they make mistakes. Like knocking over the bottle of oil, missing a spot on our bodies, not getting the right angle for our pictures, not moving fast enough, or just whenever we feel like being extra bratty. Watch the video and find out why my slave Little Dicky got yelled at and a slap across the face from me!..We talk about our slaves and the punishments we gave them. Especially how I kicked the fuck out of Little Dickys balls the day before. I left him all black and blue and I show it off to Kat in the video. Our oiled up asses look so good in these sexy bikinis. Good thing we made our slaves locked in chastity the entire time hahaha. This is a extra long 22 minute clip with double the brats! You will for sure enjoy this super hot bikini clip of me and Kat!
- Ava
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