Amber - Rich Mean Girl Humiliates Old Man with Feet

“MAKE SURE YOU GET ALL OF THEM”…says Amber as she has her foot in Dinks mouth with his chastity key around her neck. She glares at him in disgust. Look at him! He is fucking old. On his knees licking the soles of a hot blonde. PATHETIC! His life is devoted to Amber. He has spent all day being used by her. Whip marks still flaming red on his back and his wallet is completely drained. This is the life he lives. LOL. Amber laughs and smiles as she gags him with her foot. “Taste it….and don’t forget the heel!” Her slave loves any second he has to touch Amber even if its just her foot with his tongue. He doesn’t deserve anymore. He belongs licking the dirt off of her feet.


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