Amber - Hoses down slave in freezing weather

Membership Exclusive:  By popular demand here is the clip and story.  Amber wanted to enjoy hot cocoa outside by the firepit.  She told the slave to light the fireplace for her. He went outside and the lighter was not working.  Slave went back into house to get another lighter.  During that time Amber had gone outside and was waiting by the fireplace and was cold.  After slave lit fireplace, Amber instructed slave to get into cage so he could be cold like she had to be waiting for Her fire to be lit.  We turned the camera on thinking this might get good.  He was in cage for about 10 minutes.  The clip starts at that point. Not sure if it was totally because of the slaves complaining that Amber turned the hose on it.  It might have been once the camera was on Amber felt more cruel.  Anyways the slave complained about how long he would be kept out there and Amber turned the hose on it!  Hysterical!  Air temperature was around 20F, hose water temp around 33F.  So this is the video and the story behind it!



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