Amber and Nika – Lets Remove Fluffys Teeth So he can Worship Our Feet Better

Amber and Nika think that Fluffy doesn’t need his teeth anymore. That way his teeth don’t scrape their feet when he licks them. They will allow him to only have 1 tooth; for bathroom duty. They plan out his teeth removal process as Fluffy sits on his knees worshipping their feet. He sits there so scared hearing about what the girls are going to do to him. They say they might use steel toed boots, fish hooks, make him eat rocks. He is soooo scared! All he knows is he must focus on the job he is doing right now so he doesn’t get in any more trouble. He gags on them. Sucks on them. Licks them. And he just wants to please them. I was filming this and Fluffy was basically shaking. But he really doesn’t need teeth so why is he worried about it anyways?

  • Princess Crystal


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