Amber and Ava Rowen - Benny Key Given to Boyfriend Sister to Hold

It has been decided. Ava Rowen is going to be Benns key holder. She just turned 18 and needs a simp for a chastity class. So, this semester Bennys key belongs to her! He I hesitant to agree. He thought him and Amber were best friends. Amber ensures him they will always be best friends, but he needs to be a good boy and let Ava Rowen hold the key for the semester. Gosh, don’t make it that big of a deal. And his key is just a phone call away if she wants to see him. His good boy ribbon gets cut off. He can have them back when he earns them. Time to get to work. Benny crawls over and starts cleaning her heels. Licking the bottoms clean and sucking the heel, it has begun. This young beautiful girl is turning mean.


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