Alexa and Amadahy - Slave Edged Daily in Preparation for a Ruined Orgasm (1080 HD)

This slave is scheduled for a ruined orgasm at the end of the month. In preparation, the slave is edged daily for 30 days. This makes the monthly ruined orgasm, much, much more unbearable. A cycle of edging and ruined orgasms is very frustrating because the slave is allowed just enough pleasure to remind it that it will never have a full release. The more frustrated a slave is, the more pathetic it becomes. This slave is very pathetic, as it is now entering the third month of this cycle. It begs for a full orgasm. It begs to be allowed to edge longer. It begs to not be put back in chastity. Alexa and Amadahy do not care. They lock it back in chastity and remind it that it needs to be edged all over again tomorrow night. The slave is so miserable now, it’s almost hard to imagine how desperate he will be in another 30 days.   (10:48 long)

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