Lizzy and Natalya - Bigger Girl Rides Small Girls Face

runtime: 5:17

1080 HD Petite Lizzy Lamb seems even smaller while underneath Natalya. Natalya’s ass dwarfs Lizzy’s little head! Lizzy struggles underneath the weight of the bigger girl. She is totally helpless beneath her. Natalya holds Lizzy down and uses her for her pleasu...

Karma - Edging Opportunity Really Fucks slave

runtime: 13:11

1080 HD It’s been awhile since Karma has let her slave out of chastity. It’s not often that she unlocks him. Today she’s feeling gracious, so she decides to give the slave an edging opportunity. Karma gives the slave a choice. He can either have an orgas...

Brianna - Mother Punishes her Daughters Teacher

runtime: 8:00

1080 HD Feminized, bratty, Taylor watches as his mother punishes his teacher from school, Mr. Woodman. Brianna beats Mr. Woodman with a ruler. Taylor enjoys a granola bar. Taylor warned Mr. Woodman not to cross his mother. Mr. Woodman complained that Brianna has been send...

Anabelle and Chloe - Human Trashcan Fed Hair and Foot Dust

runtime: 9:48

1080 HD Anabelle and Chloe are preening, scraping the callouses from their soles and brushing their hair. Girls have a lot of maintenance. They make small talk while they brush and scrape. Below them lays their human trashcan. Its job is to swallow all of the foot dust cr...

Alexis - Little Dannis First Monthly Milking (1080 HD)

runtime: 17:29

Previously unreleased!

1080 HD It’s time for slave danni’s first monthly milking! Alexis unlocks his little pink chastity cage. Danni is a virgin. He is not allowed to have sex. The only thing he gets is a milking once a moth from his ...

Kawaii - Ballbusting Lineup

runtime: 9:30

1080 HD Kawaii has two ballbusting slaves. She lines the boys up and gets ready to knock ‘em down. The slaves have to rotate in order, like an assembly line. Kawaii wants no breaks, just a constant flow of balls to kick. If one slave is down, then she wants the othe...

Kat POV - Worship and Stroke to My Soles (1080 HD)

runtime: 11:36

Kat POV - Worship and Stroke to My Soles (1080 HD)

1080 HD Kat’s heard a rumor that you are obsessed with girls’ shoes and feet. She knows that feet make you hard and weak. Kat’s going to let you indulge in your obsession because...

Amber - Loser Licks Filthy Shoes to Earn Stinky Foot Worship (1080 HD)

runtime: 13:59

1080 HD Amber’s shoes are dirty. She wants her loser to lick them clean for her. Amber knows that the loser is crazy for her feet. He has to earn worshipping her precious, stinky feet by first lick all of the grimy dirt from her pumps. The shoes are truly filthy, bu...

Amadahy - Fluff me for my Boyfriend (1080 HD)

runtime: 6:43

1080 HD Amadahy wants her chastity slave to help fluff her for her boyfriend. She straddles the chastity slave’s face and rides it. She wants to get herself ready for her boyfriend to come over and fuck her. Amadahy makes the chastity slave stick out its tongue. She...

Natalya POV - Look and Pay the Price (Resistance Training) (1080 HD)

runtime: 12:16

1080 HD Look me in the face. Focus on my eyes. Hands off your cock. This is your resistance training. You need to be trained to resist the urge to stare at my beautiful curves. You will pay a fee each time your gaze wanders from my eyes. You’ve been in chastity awhi...