Nika - Taunts her Mutt with People Food

Nika is enjoying some takeout food. She taunts her slave, pathetic mutt. Mutt is very hungry, as Nika has been starving him for three days as a punishment for taking her to arbitration. Nika humiliates the mutt by chewing up food and spitting it into its mouth. She tells the mutt that it is not allowed ‘people food.’ Nika has ordered a feast. She opens box after box of food that is just for her. Nika places a little food on a utensil and teases her Mutt by putting it into his mouth. The mutt reacts in pain. The bite was almost entirely spicy chili flakes! Nika laughs while the mutt’s eyes well with tears. She makes him eat even more of the hot chili sauce. All the mutt gets is food that Nika has spit up and chewed out and poured hot sauce all over. The mutt is starving and fears a worse punishment and so it goes along. Nika indulges in her food while the starving mutt watches. This is a great behind the scenes clip! Nika really treats her locked beta male like the garbage it is! (12:50 long)



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