BP - Edging Salon POV Dream Sequence

This is a POV clip of being on the milking bench being teased by teasers, Ivory, Kat and Mariah.  The clip has a dream like feel with relaxing music and special effects along with the video.  Special effects include flying insults, tease views of Jessica, Platinum, Amber, and Nika Venom.  Girls laugh at you and tease you in a all-out assault on your   b r a i n  .   Great for Edging and imagining you are on the milking bench!  Sounds amazing with headphones!  This also has a few highlights from other milking machine clips at the end!

Clip contains:  Female Domination, Findom, financial domination, ass addict, milking machine, shiny, Ivory, Mariah, Kat Soles, Nika Venom, Goddess Platinum, Amber, and Ava


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