Ava - Findom Poison Booster

There is nothing wrong with needing a Findom Booster every now and then.  Even the most beaten down beta who has a very strong gooning addiction can still need help with knowing its place.  If you have doubts about being rinsed by pretty girls, this is the clip for you!  Your number one role in life as a beta is to provide.  A strong gooning and Brat Princess Ava addiction will make your life more meaningful.  You get up and go to work every day and it seems what’s the point?  Why am I doing this?  You feel like a cog in some large machine whose purpose you don’t even know!  Give in to Brat Princess Ava.  Follow her.  Submit to her.  Tribute her. Spoil her.  Make her happier.  Watching this clip every now and then as a booster of poison to keep you stroking and spending like you are supposed to do. Find meaning in life!  Spoil Brat Princess Ava!  Watch her grow more and more powerful every day!  This clip features Ava in a skintight body suit.  Has numerous walk behinds, face bouncing, and poses over 3 different moods.  There are numerous audio cut ins keeping your thoughts in line and reminding you of your primary role in society.  Pay her!  These simple words are repeated to get it deep into your brain. Get noticed by Ava!  She might give you your own beta name of her choice and even your own pin code to keep you from spending your own money!  

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