Amadahy and Lola - The Last Castrato Complete (1080 HD)

1080 HD Amadahy and Lola are listening to the music of Alessandro Moreschi, the last castrato, recorded in 1904. The women find the voice of the castrato very soothing. They think cow Andy must be soothed by it, too. The women go about checking Andy’s vitals, making sure that one of his last shifts on the milking bench goes smoothly. This will be one of Andy’s last days because they have found a match for his liver. A young girl with a drinking habit. Even though Andy is a very productive and good cow it’s time for his organs to be harvested. Not one part of his body will go to waste and it will all make a fine profit for the women. They’ve found a home for his eyes, as well. Andy will make a lot of girls happy and improve a lot of lives in ways he never could while alive. The women aim to give Andy some good productive shifts on the bench before terminating him.

The women take a few selfies with Andy so that they can remember him. They will sort of miss their time together. Andy was a hard worker and a good cow. They say goodbye to Andy while posing and snapping pics. Sweet Andy has always wanted to help people. Once his life is over, he will finally reach that goal. His life has been nothing but pathetic misery. His organs will better the lives of better people. He’s worth more to women postmortem. The women send him off with one final tease. They want to get one last great big batch of precum out of him to maximize profit. Without much talk, with only the sweet voice of the castrato singing “Ave Maria,” Amadahy and Lola straddle and grind on Andy as they edge him to near orgasm over and over. Everything is impermanent. All lives must end. At least parts of Andy will live on after his own time on this earth has passed. (44:04 long)


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